About Edge of Space

Edge of Space, Inc. is a "NewSpace" company committed to making the adventure and excitement of space flight and space science available and affordable to all - from teachers and students, to space enthusiasts, to nonprofit organizations and museums, to entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

We are social entrepreneurs who understand that the experience of space flight no longer belongs only to NASA and corporate aerospace - but to you, as well!

  • We are creating robust partnerships and business collaborations through which anyone can fly an experiment or a product to space.  
  • We're designing innovative classroom science kits based on actual space flight experiments, with many that feature materials actually subjected to the environment of flight to space.
  • We're offering unique space science mementos and gifts.
  • And we're opening a variety of ingenious, cool space flight projects that offer the opportunity for all to participate in the New Space Age.

At Edge of Space, we're passionate about the Inspiration, Excitement, Engagement, and Personal Fulfillment that space flight can provide to anyone... to everyone on Earth!

If you have an idea for a cool space product or project, or if you have a desire to fulfill a dream of touching the threshold of space, or if you have a business that can be energized by the infusion of the excitement of space exploration... please email is at:


Here are links to a couple of videos of the first Edge of Space flight, carrying a science experiment cargo of radish seeds.  This is the UP Aerospace Spaceloft 10 suborbital mission that launched November 6, 2015 from Spaceport America in New Mexico.




Stephan Reckie (left) of Golden, CO and Ed Harris of Houston, TX, Co-founders of Edge of Space



The nosecone section, carrying Edge of Space seeds, recovered after its flight to space on the Spaceloft 10 mission, November 6, 2015.

Nosecone section, after flight to space, Spaceloft 10 mission.