Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020
Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020
Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020
Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020
Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020
Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020

Space Nation Moon Landing Expedition - 2020

$ 11,400.00

In the same location where the Apollo astronauts trained before going to the Moon, you will train your Astronaut Mindset in the spirit of Apollo astronauts. This expedition focuses on astronomy, geology, navigation, communications, crisis management, survival and search and rescue. It takes place in the lunar-like environments of the Icelandic highlands, in the midst of vast lava fields and breathtaking craters of active volcanoes.

Next Expedition:  August 30th – September 5th 2020.


Once you arrive to the Reykjavik airport, we have planned everything for you so that you can focus on the Expedition, meeting your fellow astronaut cadets and to enjoy the adventure. We have arranged food, drinks, accommodations and the necessary gear for you. If you decide to take an extra day or two to enjoy the amazing Iceland after the Expedition, we can help you in booking additional experiences. We are here to organize you an unforgettable adventure all they way.


August 30th: Arrive in Iceland.
Enjoy your first night at the Hotel Hilton Canopy in Reykjavik.

August 31st: Drive Northeast across the black, volcanic deserts of Iceland.

On-boarding, mission briefing, and training begins.
Setting up camp in the wilderness.

September 1st: Moon Rover mission in lunar landscapes.

Head out to Askja Caldera, one of Iceland’s largest active volcanoes. Camp out in field expedition tents.

September 2nd: Specific on-site training missions at the Víti crater (Hell Crater) and Nautagil canyon, where the Apollo training took place. Camp out in tents.

September 3rd: The Ultimate Challenge.

Use all your newly acquired and refined skills from the previous days. Rest in a hotel in Husavik.

September 4th: Visit the Exploration Museum in Husavik.

Debrief and learnings from the expedition. Celebratory dinner.
Discuss next steps on your astronaut candidate journey. Enjoy your last night in comfort in a soft, warm bed at the Hotel Hilton Canopy in Reykjavik.

September 5th (& 6th): Optional geothermal baths and/or other soothing relaxation. Fly back.


You will undergo astronaut training on the footsteps of Neil Armstrong, learn about the expeditionary skills of astronauts and how they can be applied to your daily life by former NASA astronaut Gregory “Box Johnson among else.

Your team building and leadership skills will be put to the test. Roles, responsibilities and talents identified, tried, shifted and tested under pressure and crisis.

The importance of direct communication and setting up clear communication channels will be tested. Our CAPCOM system will be explained and tested.

You will be put into situations that demand creative problem finding in addition to solving them. You will experience survival training as part of this.

You will learn about geology on Earth, on the Moon, on Mars, and in our solar system . You will learn about geological changes, adaptability, terraforming and geo-engineering, climates and survival in different environments.

You will learn about the actual training provided to Apollo astronauts, the challenges they faced, and the developments in space exploration in the past, present and future. You learn about humanity’s expansion into space from the people who are at the forefront of it.

After successful completion you will receive: a unique Expedition patch, a certificate and an accreditation as part of the Space Nation Astronaut Program.

Contact us for a special 10% discount, if you are a couple or friends participating together.

Please note that a 3 Part Payment Plan is available above with the following terms: the initial payment is a down payment of 30%, followed by 30% due 2 months prior to the Expedition, and the final payment of 40% is due 15 days prior to the start of the Expedition.