Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020
Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020
Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020
Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020
Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020

Space Nation Interstellar Expedition - April 2020

$ 13,400.00

In the volatile and constantly changing environment of Iceland’s largest glacier you will train your Astronaut Mindset in expeditionary skills. We will focus on adapting to extreme environments in the otherworldly surroundings of the film Interstellar. You will be trained in mountaineering, superjeep driving and adaptability. You will be tested under different leadership styles of the Polar explorers, of Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton. In addition we will look at how you build endurance in your team, deal with isolation and solitude and explore the relativity of time.

This expedition is a prerequisite for an upcoming Antarctica expedition.

What to Expect
Once you arrive to the Reykjavik airport, we have planned everything for you so that you can focus on the Expedition, meeting your fellow astronaut cadets and to enjoy the adventure. We have arranged food, drinks, accommodations and the necessary gear for you. If you decide to take an extra day or two to enjoy the amazing Iceland after the Expedition, we can help you in booking additional experiences. We are here to organize you an unforgettable adventure all they way.


April 19th: Arrive in Iceland.
Enjoy your first night at the Hotel Hilton Canopy in Reykjavik.

April 20th: Driving to Vatnajökull glacier setting up the first camp. Equipment testing, basic training and preparations. Understanding the environment, volcanoes and glacier behavior.

April 21st: Heading up the glacier. Getting to know and navigate the glacier. Team development and survival training. Leadership lessons.

April 22nd: Esjufjöll mountains. Astronaut training missions, ice climbing and glaciology.

April 23rd: Heading over to Grímsfjall volcano. Training mission with astronaut Gregory “Box” Johnson. Arctic Trucks driving exercises.

April 24th: Heading back to Reykjavik from the glacier. Debriefing at Arctic Trucks headquarters. Celebration dinner.

April 25th (& 26th): Optional geothermal baths and other soothing relaxation that Iceland has to offer. Fly back.

Your Experience Includes

Adapting to space by former NASA astronaut Gregory “Box” Johnson.The race to the South Pole and the different leadership styles of Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton – expeditionary skills of astronauts, and how they apply to your daily life.

Mountaineering and adapting to extreme environments by Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir who is the first and still only woman to go solo to both the South Pole and a summit above 8,000 meters.

Driving expedition vehicles in custom made polar vehicles from Arctic Trucks, a company that has done over 30 Antarctica expeditions and led the Top Gear North Pole Race.

Experiential exploration of the relativity of time and training of the most important astronaut skill in our rapidly changing world, adaptability.

After successful completion you will receive: a special Space Nation Expedition patch, an Expedition Certificate,  and accreditation in the Space Nation Astronaut Program.

Please note that a 3 Part Payment Plan is available above with the following terms: the initial payment is a down payment of 30%, followed by 30% due 2 months prior to the Expedition, and the final payment of 40% is due 15 days prior to the start of the Expedition.