Space Seedz™
Space Seedz™
Space Seedz™
Space Seedz™
Space Seedz™
Space Seedz™

Space Seedz™

$ 69.95

Space Seedz™ is a fun, engaging, affordable science experiment for classroom or individual use.  Featuring seeds actually flown to space, Space Seedz allows students to compare how plants - grown from seeds subjected to the harsh environment of space - grow in comparison with normal seeds.  

What Is Space Seedz?

  • A simple science project through which lower and middle school students throughout the world can access space flight
  • Experiential learning, hands on, engaging
  • Affordable
  • Supported by open source lesson plans and student worksheets created by science teachers with experience in space flight experiments

How Does It Work?

  • Edge of Space, working with our space launch partners, provide classrooms with experiment packets of seeds actually flown to space
  • During spaceflight, seeds are exposed to variables that affect germination, growth rates, color, size, shape, etc. when compared to similar seeds not flown to space
  • Specifics of the spaceflight are provided
  • Students use open source lesson plans, work sheets, and supporting data to implement a comparative growth plant biology experiment
  • Teachers energize existing science curricula with experiential learning

What Do Students Learn?

  • Space science
  • Biology
  • Scientific methods
  • Teamwork
  • Space Seedz can also be used to support lessons in English and creative writing, humanities, social science, and art

 Impact and Outreach

  • A single Space Seedz experiment packet can support experiments in a classroom of 20 students
  • Test schools report that conducting a Space Seeds classroom experiment engages each student in 9 hours of hands on science study
  • Designed for use in elementary and middle schools in all 50 states - designed for best use in grades 3 through 8, though also applicable in high school biology and space science curriculum
  • Can engage a broad range of STEM target classrooms, including:  special needs, learning disabilities, lower income, Spanish speaking

 What Do Teachers Say?

“Every spring I teach a plant unit and my students conduct experiments in growing seeds.  Imagine my students’ surprise at growing Space Seeds this year!  My students were so engaged in growing seeds that had been flown in space and comparing them to similar seeds that had been left on Earth.  Using the Space Seeds experiment packet and support materials was simple and it included everything we needed to get our seeds growing quickly.”

— Roy Harris, special education teacher, Lake Arthur Elementary School, LA

 How You Can Help Bring the Magic of Space into Every Classroom

  • Please consider sponsoring a number of Space Seeds science packs for classrooms across the country
  • The cost is just minimal per classroom Space Seedz experiment packet
  • Edge of Space and its partner spaceflight companies have committed to achieving this project at cost and without profit - to ensure reaching the most students for the lowest possible price - while not tax deductible, your commitment pays only for the actual pro-rated cost per packet of spaceflight, materials, production of the packets, and shipping.