Space Seedz™ and Space Monkeyz™ to 100,000 Students

Space Seedz™ and Space Monkeyz™ to 100,000 Students

$ 200,000.00

Edge of Space is pleased to announce that we are launched our Space Seedz™ classroom seed germination and comparative plant growth experiment, along with our Sea to Space™ classroom comparative invertebrate growth experiment, on the NASA Orbital-ATK Cygnus cargo mission (OA-5) to the International Space Station December 13th.

When returned to earth, the materials flown and exposed to long duration microgravity will be used to produce and distribute approximately 2,500 basic versions of our Space Seedz™ and SpaceMonkeyz™ science kits to lower and middle school classrooms throughout Finland, in partnership with Space Nation (  

We expect to reach at least 100,000 students with these basic kits.  With lesson plans and instructions now translated into Finnish, each experiment provides an average of 9 hours of hands-on, experiential STEM education in the classroom, as students learn the basics of scientific research and the scientific method through these engaging experiments.

We are proud to partner with Nanoracks LLC on this experiment, flying to ISS as a part of the first Nanoracks "Black Box" experiment module.

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