Science Kits for 2,500 Classrooms

Nine days and counting until the launch of OA-5 - the Orbital Cygnus cargo mission to ISS (unless delayed by Hurricane Matthew!) - which will carry radish seeds and brine shrimp eggs for use in Edge of Space's STEM education experiments.

Following long duration exposure to microgravity and return to Earth, these materials will be used by Edge of Space to produce 2,500 classroom science kits for lower/elementary schools. Providing teachers with the kits will allow students to conduct experiments in comparative seed germination/plant growth and comparative invertebrate animal growth.

Edge of Space expects to engage 2,500 classrooms and 50,000 students with the science kits produced from this flight alone! All part of our mission to bring the coolness of space flight to at least 1,000,000 students by 2018! To do this, we're partnering with organizations such as Share Fair Nation and Space Science Institute for distribution, and we're committing to produce and provide these kits at cost, with the help of sponsors.

T-minus 9 days and counting!