First Launch of 2017 - UPDATE

UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 16TH: Unfortunately, this flight was not a success. While it was launched in good shape during the afternoon of Sunday, January 15th, the jet stream did not cooperate! Our flight partners experienced much higher upper level winds than anticipated, and the payload drifted significantly farther east than expected, landing an estimated 35 miles of the Eastern seaboard in the Atlantic - non-recoverable.
This happens in all space flight, you lose a vehicle on occasion, but we will persevere on to the next launch! Our thanks to our flight partners, Arete Stem Project, for a valiant attempt this weekend - and we at Edge of Space look forward to the start of plans for our next launch with Arete!

Edge of Space is pleased to announce our first space flight of 2017, planned for this weekend - weather cooperating - with our flight partners, Arete Stem Project. This is one of five launches on various vehicles we have planned for the first half of 2017.  On this launch, a strato-balloon flight, we're flying a small payload for a  science education company.  Check back for flight progress and details!