Voices of the Present Speak From Space to the Future

A Special Project Coming Soon...
What if you could send a personal message into space… as part of a time capsule to be preserved and returned to Earth in the future?
What if your words could help tell a story about our lives today to a future generation?
What if you could join the voices inspiring others to look to man’s place in space as part of a brighter future?
And what if it doesn't matter where on Earth you live... or how old you are... or what language you speak...what if there were no barriers to keep you from adding your voice to the story so many others will help tell?
Please check our website in the coming days for an innovative space project that YOU can be a part of SOON!!

The photo depicts a gold record containing messages and images of Earth - placed on a Voyager spacecraft launched in the 1970s that has now left our solar system, and will travel for tens of thousands of years through our galaxy.