Welcome to Edge of Space!

Thanks for joining us on our journey to the Edge of Space!  

We’re witnessing the great democratization of space flight.  At Edge of Space, our passion is bringing the coolness of space flight down to Earth in the form of products and services that educate and advance science literacy for all.  

Our first science kit, Space Seeds, is now available for purchase.  Space Seeds is already in use by students at schools such as Awty International School and Duchesne Academy, both in Houston, as well as at Lake Arthur Elementary School in Louisiana.  

Lake Arthur - a small town in south Louisiana - has a single elementary school.  As you might imagine, resources are tight, and opportunities are limited for students to have experiences outside of the normal curriculum.  But with a few Space Seeds kits, teachers at Lake Arthur Elementary have excited and engaged students with materials that have flown to space - and we’re told students are more attentive and eager in their science lessons as they grow, observe, and experiment with space plant science.  

Roy Harris, an elementary special education teacher at Lake Arthur, sent the following photo of the “space garden” his students are nurturing.  It’s especially gratifying to know that Space Seeds is supporting special education curricula!